End of an era

I am sad to learn that one of the most famous bookshops on London's Charing Cross Road Murder One, a specialist crime bookshop, will close within weeks following declining sales brought on by the credit crisis, so claims an article in the Daily Telegraph.

Murder One is to be placed into voluntary liquidation by its owner Maxim Jakubowski. ( My Facebook friend). It will close its doors at the end of January, just five months short of its 21st birthday.

Maxim Jakubowski said that he was planning to retire at the end of 2009 but that the current economic climate meant that he could no longer run the store. He was hoping to sell it but couldn't find a buyer.

It's probably not only market conditions (i.e.the credit crunch - aren't you sick of hearing that term? I am) but also the way that many readers now buy books through the Internet. The times they are a changing but then aren't they always. I hope this opens up new and exciting avenues for Maxim.


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