Beside the seaside - beside the sea

I'm back from Hayling seafront, lovely breeze, the sea looks & feels great. Oh, I do love to be beside the seaside... especially on a very hot day like today. Though, honestly, I love the sea no matter what the weather and as many of you know it is the inspiration for my crime novels.

Having been brought up close to the sea in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, it is part of me. I spent many days of my youth sprawled out on Southsea and Hayling beach sunbathing, and no, I didn't know anything about skin cancer then. Like all my friends I smothered myself in baby lotion and cooked under a blistering sun. It sends shudders up my spine to think what damage I must have done to my skin. Now, like a good girl, and of more mature years, it's sun factor 25 and a hat.
The forecast is for a hot sunny week so plenty more sea breeze and walks along the beach on Hayling Island and on the Isle of Wight where I have a little bolt holt, which enables me to do lots of lovely creative writing. It beats working for a living!! I only have to remember all those days I spent in an office looking longingly at the lovely weather and wishing I was outside enjoying it to appreciate what I now have.

I'm currently working on a new Inspector Horton marine mystery crime novel, which is set in March, so it's winds, rain and the odd glimpse of spring breaking through as the backdrop to a tantalising tale full of twists and turns and surprises. That's what I so love about England. OK, so we all moan about the weather, but it always give us lots to talk about, and provides great variety. We have the beauty of the changing seasons and of course, the sea: beguiling, beautiful, bewitching - dangerous, deadly, deceptive - mysterious, masterly, moody - tempestuous, tidal, tranquil. What more, I ask you, could a crime writer want as a backdrop to a murder mystery novel?


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