How I started writing

I've just uploaded a new video. In this video I talk about how I began writing and the long road to publication. It takes a while for many writers to discover their writing style and to find what they truly want to write, and that's how it was for me. It also takes time to learn your craft and resilience to cope with the rejection letters and disappointments along the way. But if you truly want to be a writer then you must never stop writing, but keep seeking to improve every step of the way.

I first seriously started to write fiction with the aim of publication over twenty years ago. I wrote at weekends while running my own marketing and training company during the week, first trying my hand at historical romantic fiction before turning to crime! (Writing it that is, not committing it). My historical novels are still on computer... maybe one day I might revive them!

I hope you enjoy listening to and watching the above video. If you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you.


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