Footprints in the snow

It's a white world on the South Coast of England today and in the Solent area where I live, which is so unusual because Portsmouth, Hayling Island, Southampton and the Isle of Wight so rarely gets snow. I took the opportunity this morning of donning my wet weather gear and walking across the fields near my house ( sorry, didn't get a photo of that). The snow was then about two inches deep which I know will send many readers from the north of England, Wales and Scotland, not to mention some parts of America, rolling about with laughter - call that snow?  I hear you say.  But since arriving home it has continued to snow and we're now up to about six inches which is incredible for the soft south.  And ever since watching The Day After Tomorrow I'm thinking could this be the end of the world? Will I have to burn all my books to keep warm?  Perish the thought.

It also reminds me of a fantastic crime novel, one of my favourites, Blood upon the Snow by Hilda Lawrence, published in 1946 set in America.  It's sinister, atmospheric, full of suspense and a really good mystery read.

And for those of you who may have already spotted it, yes I did get the inspiration for the title of  my new Inspector Horton marine mystery crime novel due to be published in February 2010 from it - Blood on the Sand.


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