Thanks To All Emergency Service Personnel (and a few others)

I just want to say a personal (and public) thank you to all emergency service personnel and others who have gone out of their way to help people during the recent adverse weather (snow). That includes the police officers who have been helping stranded motorists and others; doctors and nurses who didn't stay at home and let the patients heal themselves; ambulance crews who didn't let sick and injured people down, and to the kind man who turned up at Portsmouth Ambulance Station on the night it started snowing with his 4 x 4 Land rover and handed it over to the ambulance crew because he knew they'd be struggling to get through in the snow.  He then stayed on the station all night helping them in any way he could.  It brings a warm glow to your heart.  Also thanks to the fire fighters who didn't let people's houses burn down or trapped people perish in their cars. 

Thanks also to the bus and train drivers who struggled into work to keep the public transport system going where they could.

It looks like there's more snow on its way and a blizzard at that, so we'll all get an action replay.

The top photograph is of the sunrise over the snow this morning on the Hayling Coastal Path.

This photograph is of the sea frozen over in Chichester Harbour.

This picture is of the driveway to my house.  Only kidding - it's the Hayling Coastal Path where the DI Horton crime novel I am currently writing is set.


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