Third revisions and title

I've started the third revision of the next Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel (no. 6) and still no title springs to mind.  I'm hoping that by the end of this revision inspiration will have come to me.  Sometimes a title will come instantly as in Dead Man's Wharf and Tide of Death.  Other times I struggle.  I like the title to be connected with the sea in some way reflecting where the series is set.  It also has to fit with the genre.  Perhaps I should write a blurb on this Horton novel and invite suggestions for a title.  Maybe that's not such a bad idea and the winning title gets a signed copy of the novel when it is published. I'll ponder that one and keep you posted.

The third revision for me is where I begin to take more time to flesh out the characters and make sure that the plot and sub plots all tie up, and not necessarily together.  I ensure the research is correct and that the storyline is feasible and the narrative flows.  

I'm hoping to finish this draft by the end of March, and complete the novel by the end of April 2010. So, having said that I'd better get back to work!


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