Writers in Rhyme

I was inspired to dash off this little ditty this afternoon after reading a 'Rhyme On Publishing' on a great little blog written by Sophie Dean

Writers in Rhyme

We toil away for days and days
With pen and PC in a writer’s haze
Creating, researching, dreaming up plots
Until many months later we have something hot.
We hone and revise until sick of the thing
Then it’s off to the editor with an e mail ping.
We wait for weeks and with bated breath
Has it been given the kiss of death?
Some minor changes just here and there
We make them grudgingly, but with flair.
Copy edits and proofs keep us very busy
And the cover image makes us feel rather dizzy!
Then silence follows for weeks, maybe more
Until a lumpy parcel arrives at our door.
The novel’s in print, hurrah you cry
But are sales and marketing giving it a try?
If you’re really lucky, or quite well known
You’ll get some PR from a girl called Joan.
Is it selling well? You have no idea
Maybe it’s flopped you think with great fear.
Will they want your next novel, dare you ask?
Oh, well, nothing for it just get on with the task.

And the task is the next revision of the current Inspector Horton crime novel and still no title!!!!

Only three weeks now until the publication of Blood on The Sand in the UK (May 2010 in the USA) - the fifth Inspector Horton marine mystery crime novel.


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