Book Review for Marine Mystery Crime Novel from USA Is Great News

I've received an e mail from my publisher to say that American reviewer Booklist has given my latest Inspector Horton marine mystery crime novel Blood on the Sand a great review. I’m delighted and hopefully they are too.

Reviews come in the shape of the good, the bad and the ugly, and every writer, artist, actor, and musician gets a variety of them. The bad can be wounding, the ugly deeply upsetting and the good uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging, so no prizes for guessing which I prefer.

Like all writers I get a fair share of all three types of reviews. Being published it goes with the territory. But as this is my blog I won’t dwell on the bad and the ugly, I am sure you can find those for yourself, so here is the review I’ve just received from Booklist. I make no apology for posting it here, everyone needs a little pat on the back from time to time even us sensitive souls, writers.

Review for Blood on the Sand

‘In the fifth Marine Mystery, Detective Inspector Andy Horton’s Isle of Wight vacation is cut short when he encounters what appears to be the scene of a murder—and a woman who seems to be the killer, still holding the murder weapon. But there’s far more to it than that, and soon Andy is deep into an investigation that reaches far into the past.

'This is another solid entry in a consistently well written series. Like Ed McBain, Rowson works many subtle variations on the procedural formula (including very interesting relationships between Andy and a couple of his superiors). A definite winner in the crowded field of British procedurals.’

Note: Ed McBain, (born Evan Hunter) who died in 2005, virtually invented the American police procedural with his gritty 87th Precinct series featuring an entire detective squad as its hero. It’s classed as one of the most popular crime series in the world. He also wrote many screenplays, including the one for Hitchcock’s film THE BIRDS.


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