I don't believe it 'Island 'cesspit of corruption'? Send for Inspector Andy Horton

The Isle of Wight County Press reported - Island 'cesspit of corruption': "THE Island has been described as a cesspit of corruption, Satanism and paedophilia by former sportsman turned conspiracy theorist David Icke."

No,  I don't believe it - my beautiful Isle of Wight!  David Icke must have been reading In For The Kill and my latest Inspector Andy Horton Marine Mystery Blood on the Sand, both of which are set on the Island. 

According to the Country Press article: "David Icke of Ryde, said he loved the Island, but claimed its police were one of the most corrupt forces in the country and there was a staggering level of drug-running, with amazing quantities of drugs delivered by yachts and transported to the mainland by ferry and hovercraft. He alleged that Island police, main media and council planning members were controlled by Freemasons, who were at the centre of an Island mafia, also made up of lawyers, businessmen, drug runners, child abusers and devil-worshippers."

No, it's not the plot of my next novel... although... I think I'd better send Andy Horton to the Island to sort this out.

The County Press article says: "Acting Isle of Wight commander Supt Norman Mellors said: "I have been a police officer for over 27 years and am proud to have served on the Island for the last 17 months."The officers and staff working here are the most dedicated, professional and effective team I have ever worked with." He highlighted significant falls in crime on the Island with detection rates among the best in the country."

And I quote from Blood on the Sand: 

The Isle of Wight was a haven of tranquillity and a desert of crime in comparison to the rain forest of the inner city where he’d (Andy Horton) grown up and worked.


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