Bank Holiday weekend - it's time to blitz my office and sort through ideas for the next Inspector Horton crime novel

Yesterday I started to blitz my office, the place where I write my marine mystery crime novels.  The Bank Holiday weekend affords the perfect opportunity to do this especially when it's cool, wet and windy. And, because I have finished writing the sixth Inspector Horton crime novel, (Footsteps on the Shore) I am now ready to sift through all those ideas I've accumulated over the last year and shoved in a folder ready to pick out those that appeal to me, which might begin to form the basis of a plot for number seven in the series. So it's not only cleaning and chucking out time (why did I keep that magazine from 2008?) it's also filing and thinking time.

I already have some ideas for Andy Horton's next adventure. If and when you read Footsteps on the Shore you'll see that I've left it on a bit of a cliff hanger - what will happen to Andy Horton next?  Will he still be in CID? Will he get any closer to finding out what happened to his mother after she walked out on him one November day when he was ten? Will he get to see more of his daughter, Emma?  What sort of crime will he get involved in this time?  Will Barney Cantelli be on hand to help him?  Will it involve Superintendent Uckfield of the Major Crime Team. Maybe... ?  For now it's back to spring cleaning, filing and thinking.


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