Had some good news last week - Dead Man’s Wharf to be published as an unabridged audio book

I had some good news last week from my publisher and that is Isis Publishing, the World’s leading publisher of unabridged audio books, wants to buy the rights to the fourth marine mystery crime novel featuring Inspector Horton, Dead Man’s Wharf. This means that later this year it will be published as an audio book and in digital download format.

I expect it will be read by Gordon Griffin again, who reads my other talking books: Deadly Waters and The Suffocating Sea.

Dead Man’s Wharf was given a star rated review by American reviewer Kirkus and hailed as an ‘exemplary procedural.’ It is set in Portsmouth and the Solent area and was released in trade paperback in February.

I’m delighted Isis are going to publish it as an audio book because it means those with impaired vision will have access to it. And downloads are becoming increasingly popular with many people who wish to listen to books whilst driving, jogging, knitting, sunbathing, flying or well, whenever… I’ll let you know when it’s released.


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