Helicopter involved in training task on Isle of Wight Ferry sparks idea for marine mystery crime novel

Helicopter involved in training task: "This is the dramatic moment when coastguards lowered a crewman onto the deck of Wightlink’s St Clare vessel on her journey between Fishbourne and Portsmouth." Wish I'd been on board to see it!

Follow the above link and you'll see the photographs from the Isle of Wight County Press web site of a helicopter hovering over the ferry.  I love the idea as a possible scene from one of my marine mystery crime novels. Not sure how it would feature yet and even if it will eventually but it is from such ideas that the basis of a plot can emerge.

I've used the Wightlink ferry in a couple of my novels: In For The Kill, The Suffocating Sea and Blood on the Sand. I've also done two book signings on board the St Clare, great fun.

Here I am on the Bridge of the St Clare handing a signed copy of one of my crime novels to Captain Monk.


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