Sailing, good causes and ideas for novels

One of my previous marketing clients, who is also a friend, e mailed me to say that her husband, David Gebbett with Steve Lineker are competing in the Round Great Britain and Ireland two handed 2000 mile yacht race which starts from Plymouth on the 6th June 2010 in order to raise money for Blind Week Sailing,  an annual event.  I thought this is the sort of thing my fictional detective Andy Horton might do and of course, meet trouble on the way in the form of a crime to solve.  Not that anything like that will happen to David and Steve ( I hope) or to the fifty blind and visually impaired sailors taking part sailing on yachts provided by owners.   But these news items are the stuff that trigger ideas for novels and my mind is busy ruminating over the plot for the next Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel.

Blind Week Sailing is organised and sponsored by both the RSYC and the RCYC and this year will start out from Falmouth. So if any of you are down that way, do go along and cheer them on.

They are also looking for donations which go towards providing wet weather gear and audio compasses, mooring fees and a hundred and one other things that are required.

Good luck to David and Steve and to everyone taking part. Fingers crossed for fair weather and plain sailing.


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