It's Independent Booksellers Week and National Crime Fiction Week does that mean you should buy a crime novel from an independent bookshop?

The answer is why not if you enjoy reading a good crime novel. I'd love people to dash out and buy one of my crime novels, of course, but I'm not selfish, you can buy one of my fellow crime authors books if you prefer.  And if you don't read crime fiction then you could still pop into your nearest independent bookshop and buy a book - any book will do, you might help to save this rare breed from extinction (independent booksellers that is, not crime writers). And that is what these dedicated days and weeks are for really - a marketing ploy to help stimulate business and raise awareness. 

And it seems there are a growing number of them: World Smile Day (I'm all for that, but why need a special day- smiling is great for relieving stress we should all try it any time). Then there's Farmhouse Breakfast Week, (I'm not kidding),  National Chip Day (that should go down well in the UK) and  Love Your Tax Officer Day. I made that one up.  I'm all in favour of these special days and weeks, after all it gives me something to write about. But there is a good reason behind many of them and that is to help raise money for good causes. OK, so crime fiction writers are not exactly a good cause or an endangered species but then I'm not sure chips are either.

This year I'm not doing anything special for Independent Booksellers Week or National Crime Fiction Week, apart from helping to spread the word on both via the Internet. So I thought I'd drop in a couple of photos from previous Independent Bookseller Week  events, and in support of my own local indie bookseller, The Hayling Island Bookshop.

Pauline Rowson (left) with saga writer, Dee Williams (right) at The Hayling Island Bookshop.

Pauline Rowson ( left) with author Kate Mosse (right) 2009

Happy Independent Booksellers Week and National Crime Fiction Week. 


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