It's a repeat performance for me today at Express FM re-recording my interview with Rob Richardson

I'm off to the Express FM studio today to re-record my interview with Rob Richardson, which was first recorded two weeks ago but suffered a technical hitch, so we're doing it again.  I don't mind though.  It's always good fun talking to Rob Richardson who also runs a very lively writing group and web site called Write-Invite which has some very exciting and rather unusual short story writing competitions. 

I'm not sure when my interview will be broadcast, possibly next Tuesday evening between 7pm and 8pm, but I'll check this out and post something here.

Meanwhile the new marine mystery crime novel (or as they call them in the States, my police procedural) is coming along quite nicely. I've written the first two chapters but there's still a lot of research to do yet before it all comes together. 

P.S I'm very pleased VAT wasn't added on books in the Chancellor's budget, but not so pleased about the rate being increased on audio and e books from 17.5% to 20% in the New Year, after all they too encourage reading, particularly e books, although I suppose you could argue audio books don't.  Having said that though if someone listens to an audio book and enjoys it they might wish to buy a hard copy of that book or a copy of the author's other works.  And visually impaired people rely heavily on audio books so why should they be penalised? I know the book trade will be lobbying the government on this so we'll see what happens, if anything!


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