My radio interview with Express FM is broadcast this evening at 7pm

Tonight (8 June 2010) at 7pm you can listen to my interview with Rob Richardson at Express FM. It is broadcast on 93.7 or you can listen live via the Express FM web site. I'm talking to Rob about my crime novels and how I write although the interview was recorded last week and I can't recall exactly what I said now!  I do remember the music I chose, which might put you off, or not as the case might be.

For those of you who won't be listening to the interview or who are reading this after it has been broadcast I have listed the music below and my reasons for choosing these songs. I enjoy listening to classical music, opera and jazz but by-passed these in favour of songs that were shorter and fitted in with the style of interview. So here they are, but if you do listen to the programme then keep your ears peeled for the deliberate mistake.

1. Rhinestone Cowboy
Glen Campbell

This is for Andy Horton because he’s my cowboy – making the streets safe and getting on his Harley and riding out into the sunset. (Echoes of Shane meets High Noon).

2. On Days Like These
Matt Munroe

This is from the film The Italian Job (1969) A comic caper movie about a plan to steal a gold shipment from the streets of Turin by creating a traffic jam starring Michael Caine and written by the great Troy Kennedy Martin, Edge of Darkness, Z Cars, The Sweeny, Softly, Softly. I’m a romantic and a sucker for a smooth voice but this is for my sergeant – Sergeant Cantelli who is half English, half Italian and who has a passion for old movies.

3. Jolene
Dolly Parton

An artist I very much admire, hugely talented and a very clever and astute business woman with a great voice, a great songwriter and a lovely sense of humour.

4. I have a dream

Everyone should have a dream and should strive to make it happen. My dream was to become a published fiction writer and I did it. My next dream? To continue writing and hopefully give pleasure to many and maybe to see my series successfully produced on television or film one day.

5. Nobody does it better
Carly Simon

Not only because I like Carly Simon but because this is the theme tune to the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me and I love heroes!

6. Stand by Your Man
Tammy Wynette

Because it’s a great Karaoke song and I love the line ‘He’s just a man’ and because Catherine didn’t stand by Andy Horton!

7. Funny how time slips away
Willie Nelson

A fitting end because time really does slip away and we need to make the most of our lives and not let people tell us we can’t do anything or won’t be able to do it, including ourselves.


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