Will my old Ford Scorpio pass its MOT? And what will this summmer in England be like?

My Ford Scorpio has gone in for its annual check up today. I am not expecting miracles, it is over ten years old with 108,000 miles on the clock, so it will probably fail the MOT, but will it be doomed to the scrap heap? I sincerely hope not. I know it’s just a car and one that is looking a little the worse for wear these days, but it has a fantastic engine and has never let me down (apart from the windscreen wipers packing up on the way home from a television interview with Legal TV where I was talking about my crime novels). The engine still sounds sweet as a nut and last year when the car mechanic returned the Scorpio to me he marvelled at what a great car it was to drive. I know that, I’ve done all those miles in it! I’ve been urged to exchange it for a new car many times and have even test driven various models but none I have preferred to the Scorpio. If Ford had continued to make the model I would have upgraded it years ago but sadly they discontinued the line. When I first bought it, practically new, it was a large car but now the cars seem to have got bigger and bigger almost dwarfing the Scorpio. Love it or hate it – I have loved it and still do, but then I always had a thing for the old Granadas.

Enough of cars. I’ll let you know if it passes.

Bank Holiday weekend has gone with the final one of the year (before Christmas that is) in August at the end of the summer. Will we have a summer this year? Of course we will, but what kind is the real question. Who knows in England? Today is the first day of summer according to the Met office, though the summer solstice begins on 21 June. Over the summer months I will be continuing with my research for the next Inspector Horton novel, which I started on Sunday. I’ve got lots of ideas bubbling along under the surface and am quite excited about it.


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