Pauline Rowson reads from her latest Inspector Andy Horton crime novel, Blood on the Sand

I've posted a new video here, on my You Tube channel and my official web site. It's an extract from my radio interview with Rob Richardson of Write-Invite, on Express FM, in which I read from my latest Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, Blood on the Sand. The fifth in the Andy Horton series.

It's taken from the beginning of the novel, what they call a police procedural in the US, and I guess it is as Inspector Horton has a new crime to solve in the Solent area of England, this time mainly on the Isle of Wight. Blood on the Sand is currently available in hard cover on sale and in libraries.  It will be published in paperback at the end of September. I am delighted that it has received a great review from the States.

Here's the blurb on Blood on the Sand.

Inspector Andy Horton’s holiday peace is shattered when stepping out across an abandoned golf course on the Isle of Wight on a cold, grey January, he finds himself facing a distraught young woman with a gun in her hand leaning over a corpse in one of the discarded bunkers. When it’s revealed that the dead man was working on a top-level environmental project on behalf of the European Commission, Horton is urged by Superintendent Uckfield to go undercover. His mission is to trap a clever killer, but he soon finds his own life in danger... Then another death changes everything. With no clear suspects, and a confusion of possible motives, a frustrating, complex case is complicated still further by Horton’s growing feelings and concern for the woman. As he goes in search of the truth, aided by Sergeant Cantelli, Horton uncovers a web of intrigue that ripples down the years, and which someone is determined should never be revealed.

And here's the podcast.

I hope you enjoy listening to it.


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