What has the millionaire entrepreneur Felix Dennis and the crime writer Pauline Rowson got in common and it's certainly not wealth

I read an interesting article on the back of the Daily Telegraph Money section on Saturday written by a journalist whose e mails regularly drop into my in box (Sarah Ewing) asking if I know any celebs she can write about.  I keep putting myself forward but I'm obviously not famous enough (yet) and clearly nowhere near rich enough if I'm compared with the man she featured, entrepreneur Felix Dennis, whose fortune stands at somewhere around £500 milion, yes, I did say million. But we do have one thing in common - the Isle of Wight.  He had a plan to make the Isle of Wight a free port with a flat rate tax of 15%, a veritable tax haven, and the Isle of Wight is where I have a static caravan holiday home, do lots of walking and is featured in my crime thriller novels and marine mysteries.

OK, so I'm stretching the point, I know. While Felix Dennis owns six homes I have one, and a caravan, and while Dennis has five hundred million pounds, I've got five hundred. But we do have something else in common, he is an author and so am I.  The article, I suspect, came as a result of him or his publishers wanting to plug his new book: The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money, which I am sure is set to be a big hit.  And the man certainly knows his stuff. Raised in an impoverished but happy home he made a fortune from computers and publishing (magazines that is, I hasten to add, not books) and good luck to him. He's certainly worked hard for his wealth and I hope he is very happy with it.

And just in case my 21 year old gorgeous blonde niece, Nicky, is reading this, whose ambition is to marry a rich man, Felix Dennis is single.  He is 62 though, but I'm sure Nicky won't let that stand in her way. So perhaps Dennis's next book should be a sequel to A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money entitled  A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money And Holding On To It because with Nicky around he would certainly need it. And come to think of it, I wouldn't mind reading that too.

P.S. He might also make a great character in one of my novels but don't tell him that.


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