Choosing locations for crime novels, outside Sweden that is

We all know that when choosing someplace to live location is important, it's equally important in novels. And Sweden is not the only location in the World for setting atmospheric crime novels, though you would hardly think that at the moment! While everyone seems to be obsessed with things Swedish there are many great crime novels set in various parts of the UK from gritty Glasgow to captivating Cornwall.  And there is also marine mystery country, the Solent area on the South Coast of England, which includes the harbours of Portsmouth, Langstone and Chichester and on the Isle of Wight.

Langstone Harbour from North Hayling across to Langstone Mill and Warblington Tower (just out of shot to the right)

Readers of my marine mystery crime novels, thrillers and police procedurals come from around the world, as far afield as China, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, America and of course from all over the UK where I live.  I often wonder how they picture the locations in my crime novels.  I would hate to spoil it for anyone who lets their imagination run wild but thought I'd post some photographs of locations that some of you might just recognise in my novels.
Chichester Harbour looking across to the boatyard mentioned in In Cold Daylight and in the Andy Horton novel to be published in Jan 2011 - Footsteps on the Shore

In Cold Daylight, my thriller based on  a cover up over the deaths of fire-fighters is set primarily in Portsmouth but also includes London, Devizes and Bath.  In this novel, before fire-fighter Jack Bartholomew can reveal the cause of his own – and his colleagues’ cancer- he is murdered and silenced forever. But in a cryptic message he orchestrated before his untimely death, he has left a trail of clues that will lead his best friend, Marine Artist, Adam Greene, into a labyrinth of lies, secrets and government conspiracy.  That takes Adam Greene to Hayling Island, based on the South Coast of England.

In a couple of my Inspector Andy Horton police procedural marine mystery crime novels, Horton's investigations also take him onto Hayling Island.

Northney Marina Hayling Island where Andy Horton sails into in Tide of Death
Hope you enjoy the photos.


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