Now this is a great location and a great idea for one of my crime novels

I've just read on the Isle of Wight County Press web site that SPITBANK Fort in the Solent - yes Inspector Andy Horton's patch - could be transformed into a conference centre and luxury retreat.The new owner is bedding tycoon Mike Clare, who plans to spend £1.5 million refurbishing the fort into a luxury retreat with en suite bedrooms, and a function room for business and corporate use. What a great location for a murder mystery novel and I can just see Andy Horton and Superintendent Uckfield on board with Sergeant Cantelli solving a murder.

I quote from the article in the County Press: "Mike Clare is founder of bed retailer Dreams, says ACAS, the body which brings warring sides together in industrial disputes, is interested in holding conferences there.The previous owners, a trio of investors, had been trying to turn it into a casino, clubbing venue, and hotel at the time it was sold to Mr Clare’s company, Clarenco. Those plans are now dead in the water."  My God, they've even given me the title of the novel - only problem is I was going to use  Dead in the Water as the title for the novel I'm currently working on.


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