Wanted for crime novelist and fictional detective, one yacht to sail free for a year or two in return for great publicity in crime novel- well you can't blame a girl for trying

Some time ago I posted on here that our beloved Winkle Brig, called Nutmeg, (some of you might recognise the name from the Andy Horton crime novels) was up for sale.  Well it was bought by a very nice man who travelled half away across the UK to purchase it and I hope he is enjoying sailing her. But that post brought many enquiries from people from all over the world who were interested in buying Nutmeg, and I still get e mails asking if she's for sale.  The answer is obviously no, but while my husband and I were out walking this morning we came across another Winkle Brig for sale, more expensive than the one we sold, and we were both tempted to buy it. However, as they say, never go back. 

We don't currently have a boat (although my husband has a dinghy and a canoe) and perhaps now is the time to reconsider buying one. We've owned a motorboat before, a Hardy, and a sailing boat called a Newbridge Navigator but what to buy this time around?  And Andy Horton has the same dilemma. In  Dead Man's Wharf and Blood on the Sand he is living on a borrowed boat, a Bavaria but he has to give that up and buy a new yacht, one that he can live on and which his daughter, Emma, can stay on, when Catherine, his estranged wife, finally allows him access to her.  And I think I've found the perfect yacht with the perfect name. The Mystery Range by Cornish Crabbers of Rock, Cornwall. I hope you agree that, seen below, this yacht looks the perfect fit for Andy Horton.

I had hoped that Bavaria Yachts, grateful that I mention them in my novels, might provide me with one to sail, but sadly not. Still, I'm open to offers, so if Mystery Yachts would like to sponsor a mystery author by providing her with such a beautiful craft in return for mentioning them in my novels, I'd be only too happy to oblige.  They'd get great publicity, superb opportunities for photo shoots, Worldwide exposure and perfect for book launch parties, what more could they want?

And, of course, Superintendent Uckfield has a motor cruiser. Mmm, I wonder if Sunseeker yachts would be interested... 


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