What has a Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster got in common? They're going to fly over my house today

Exactly 70 years ago today war-time leader Winston Churchill made his historic speech paying tribute to the efforts of the aircrew who were fighting overhead in the Second World War.  And to mark  this "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few," Churchill speech there are activities happening in London and across the UK, including a number of flights of the vintage aircraft of the Second World War. One of those flights will be right over my house.

This afternoon at approximately 16.44 on their way from Thorney Island to Lee-on-the-Solent, I should be able to see and hear the distinctive sounds of a Spitfire, a Hurricane and possibly the deep throbbing noise of the Lancaster Bomber as they fly over Hayling Island.

Portsmouth, being a dockyard city and naval base was heavily bombed in the war and Thorney Island was an RAF base, (now an Army base). I've always had a hankering to write a historical detective novel. I've written a play set in 1940s England featuring Inspector Doyle (yes, it is a take on Foyles War) and have ideas for further plays featuring Doyle. One day though I might just look at writing a detective novel set sometime between 1930-1950, that is in addition to my sci-fi detective, as well as continuing the Andy Horton marine mystery crime series.... so much to do, so little time. Then I guess I'd better get on with it, but I'll be taking a break to watch those aircraft this afternoon and saluting those who lost their lives in the war.


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