Time Magazine gives readers five reasons to visit the Isle of Wight - and read one of my crime novels set there ( only kidding or rather wishful thinking)

The Isle of Wight County press reports a lovely story this week that contradicts a recent article in one of the national newspapers that said the Isle of Wight was stuck in a time warp.  (Personally I wouldn't mind if it was - although I'd probably still want broadband!). Anyway the Iconic US magazine Time has dedicated a feature explaining to its 3.4 million readers why they should visit the Island (Five Reasons to Visit the Isle of Wight) and the article has been illustrated with a shot of Compton Bay from local photographer Jason Swain. ( Well done, Jason.)

Some American readers will of course already be familiar with the Isle of Wight because my marine mystery crime novels featuring Inspector Andy Horton are published in America. 
Blood on the Sand is set on the Isle of Wight and The Suffocating Sea ends on the Island.  My thriller In For The Kill is also set on the Isle of Wight.  

I wonder if Time magazine would be interested in doing a feature on a certain crime writer whose novels are set on the Island as a follow up story. Having access to 3.4 million potential readers wouldn't be half bad. Now which editor do I need to contact?  Jason, I need a favour...


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