A day of writing the next Inspector Andy Horton novel, baking my Christmas Cake and finishing a top I've designed

A nice day ahead and hopefully not too strenuous before a busy week with three talks and now three media interviews - the local newspaper called yesterday. They want to write a feature on me for next week, and take a photograph, which means I shall spend between now and then deciding what to wear!

It's Christmas Cake day today though.  Not eating it but making it.  I can't believe it's that time of year again. The fruit has been soaking in sherry all night and later this morning I shall make the cake and then feed it a little bit of sherry each week until the grand cutting on Christmas Day. Yummee!

In between baking I'll be working on making a top I've designed and squeeze in some writing of course, on Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel number seven.  It's still untitled but coming along nicely.  Now almost up to 60,000 words of the first draft.  And I'll also take a walk in the country to see the lovely autumn colours before the leaves fall.

All in all a pleasant day, and you never know I might finish sewing that top. Perhaps I could wear that for the news photographer next week.


Kim Slater said…
Thanks for this Pauline, I've enjoyed reading how much you pack into a day! I sometimes find it difficult to do everything I need to get done and my writing often suffers because things that shout louder get done first. Do you tend to write at the same time every day?
Pauline Rowson said…
Made the cake but didn't quite finish the top. Did get some writing done though, and been writing this afternoon. Yes, I write every day between 5.30pm and 7.30pm (unless I'm out giving a talk or otherwise). And I write Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

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