I had a lovely surprise e mail from China from the person translating my crime novel, Tide of Death

It was a very pleasant surprise to receive an e mail  this week from China, from the person who has just finished translating my Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, Tide of Death into Chinese. She said how much she enjoyed the novel, which is the first in the series, and that she hopes to translate more of them in the future - I hope so too! There are now five in the Inspector Andy Horton series with the sixth being published in January 2011 in the UK and in March 2011 in the States.

She told me the Chinese version will be published soon.  I can't wait to receive my copy. I'm not sure if the Chinese publisher is using a different cover image either, but I'll soon find out.

It won't be my first book to be published in China because two of my non-fiction motivational books, Being Positive and Staying Positive, and Communicating with more Confidence, have also been translated into Chinese and combined with another author's book, consultant and trainer Brian Lomas, who wrote Stress and Time Management, into one super book called Be A Champion.

That particular Chinese publisher (a different one to my crime novels) recently e mailed me to say that the first print run has already sold out and they have re-printed, which is great news.

Here's hoping the Chinese people enjoy Tide of Death too.


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