Real Locations in Crime Fiction - Mine's a large glass of white wine, Maigret

I was recently asked in a radio interview whether fans of my Inspector Andy Horton novels have started combing the streets of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, or are sailing across the Solent, in search of the locations named in my crime novels. And so they might be. A few readers have certainly told me they get excited when they actually visit a location mentioned in one of the novels, and every time I see a police launch in Portsmouth Harbour I'm convinced that Sergeant Elkins and PC Ripley are on board.

Locations play an important role in the crime novel, adding atmosphere, and real locations even more so.  For me the location becomes a character in its own right. It brings the fictional investigator to life

So when I discovered there was a new book just published called Following Detectives I thought it apt to mention here.  I only wished they'd included Andy Horton's patch, maybe next time.

Following The Detectives - Real Locations in Crime Fiction, is edited by Maxim Jakubowski and cost £17.99  for the paperback, but anyone clicking through to the publisher's web site from this blog and entering the code Rowmark at the checkout will receive 20% off the price and free P & P and, no, I don't get a commission for plugging the book.

Following the Detectives follows the trail of over 20 of crime fiction’s greatest investigators, discovering the cities and countries that they inhabit. The book includes beautifully designed colour maps featuring key real-life locations – be they buildings, streets, bars, restaurants and locations of crimes – allowing the reader the opportunity to eat Sam Spade’s favourite meal, drink a pint at Rebus’s favourite Edinburgh bar or to while away hours in a smoky Parisian café frequented by Inspector Maigret. Now that sounds good to me. Mine's a large glass of white wine, Maigret.

Talking of white wine, just a quick note to wish Summersdale Publishing a very happy 20th anniversary and thanks for the wine last night at the drinks party to celebrate. Here's to the next 20 years.


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