Countdown to Crime and the City CSI Portsmouth - only one more day to go

One more day to go before the Crime and the City CSI Portsmouth on Saturday 6 November at the John Pounds Community Centre in Queens Street, Portsmouth. The event is part of Portsmouth Bookfest and it is looking good.

Tickets have sold out for the afternoon session which features crime authors: Graham Hurley, Peter Lovesey and Pauline Rowson (yes, me) along with police and forensic experts, but there are still some tickets left for the morning session 10 am to 12 noon, which features crime authors: Simon Brett, June Hampson and Pauline Rowson (I get to do it twice), along with police and forensic experts.

Yesterday I was interviewed on Express FM and today I will be on Portsmouth Live TV at 5pm. There should also be an article about me and the event in The News. I bet you'll be glad when I shut up about this event!  But it won't be yet, because hopefully there will be photographs from the event to post next week.

So if you want to come along to Crime and the City, CSI Portsmouth where Fact meets Fiction BOOK NOW or you might just miss out.


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