Marine Mystery Country - Inspector Andy Horton

The Marine Mysteries are a series of police procedural crime novels featuring the flawed and rugged Detective Inspector Andy Horton. They're set on the south coast of England in Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and against the backdrop of the Solent. I thought I'd post some background on Andy Horton for readers who haven't yet met him.  I've  also posted a couple of photographs of the marina where Andy Horton lives on his small sailing yacht.

DI Andy Horton has had a troubled past.  His mother walked out on him when he was ten and he's been raised in children's homes and with foster parents.  He has no idea where his mother is or whether she is still alive. In the novels he reluctantly begins his search for her and the truth behind her disappearance.   His marriage has broken up after Catherine, his wife, chose to believe an accusation of rape against him while Horton was working undercover.

In the first of the series, Tide of Death, Horton not only has a complex crime to solve …a body washed up on the beach, but he needs to find out why this girl lied about him raping her. He’s back on his own again, living on his boat in Southsea Marina, Portsmouth, and fighting for his marriage and access to his young daughter, trying to restore his reputation with his colleagues, whilst searching for a killer who will stop at nothing to cover his tracks…

Southsea Marina where Inspector Andy Horton lives on his boat, a much smaller one than these pictured and a sailing yacht not a motorboat

Tide of Death is followed by Deadly Waters, The Suffocating Sea, Dead Man's Wharf, Blood on the Sand and in January 2011 Footsteps on the Shore. You can find more details on the Inspector Andy Horton crime novels and my thrillers In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill on my web site.

In each novel, Horton has a new crime to solve as he battles for access to his daughter, and discovers more about his past and his mother's disappearance.

Looking towards Southsea Marina from the shore of Langstone Harbour

He's an edgy character, fit, fearless and with a desperate need to belong, yet always just on the outside. A boy from the streets of Portsmouth, he’s been raised with the rough, the evil, the manipulative, the selfish and the vulnerable. He seeks justice and doesn’t much care how he gets it, just as long as the villains get caught.

I'm currently writing number seven in the series.


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