Part two - photographs from the afternoon of Crime and the City CSI Portsmouth

These photographs were taken during the afternoon session at the highly successful Crime and the City CSI Portsmouth event held on Saturday 6 November at John Pounds Community Centre as part of Portsmouth Bookfest, organised by the Hayling Island Bookshop and Portsmouth City Libraries.

Many thanks again to all who participated and helped to make this day so enjoyable.  Thanks also to Cheryl Buggy, Station Director of Express FM for acting as our interviewer and moderator, to Portsmouth City Council for their support and to the local newspaper The News and Portsmouth Live TV  for the publicity.  Most of all thanks to the wonderful audiences for joining us.

I'm already planning for CSI Portsmouth Fact meets Fiction in Crime and the City 2011 as part of next year's Portsmouth Bookfest! Watch this space...

Audience at Crime and the City CSI Portsmouth waiting eagerly for it to begin

The panel from left to right:  Crime authors - Graham Hurley, Pauline Rowson and Peter Lovesey with crime experts DS Martin Chudley, Hampshire Constabulary, CSI, Jane Aston Fingerprint Bureau Hampshire Constabulary, and Dr Claire Nee, Director of the International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology at the University of Portsmouth

Crime authors: Graham Hurley, Pauline Rowson and Peter Lovesey

Pauline Rowson with Detective Martin Chudley, Hampshire Police CSI

Pauline Rowson answering a question from the audience

The panel and audience at CSI Portsmouth event, Portsmouth Bookfest

Pauline Rowson talking to a reader with Peter Lovesey seated behind her

Crime writer Pauline Rowson  showing off her thumbprint key ring with Lisa and Heather from the Fingerprint Bureau

It was a great day and if you missed it don't worry we'll be back in some shape or form in 2011.


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