Today an interview with the local newspaper, photo session and an author talk

A reporter from the local newspaper, The News, is coming today to interview me for an article which will appear in Friday's newspaper ahead of the Crime and the City CSI Portsmouth event in which I'm participating on Saturday 6 November along with fellow crime writers, Graham Hurley, Peter Lovesey, Simon Brett and June Hampson. On the panel we will be joined by police and forensic experts and the fingerprinting bureau will also be in attendance.  Delegates can have their fingerprints taken and pressed into a keyring to take away. A novel idea!  The event, which is broken down into two sessions (morning and afternoon) is selling extremely well, and I think the afternoon session has almost sold out. So if you want to come along you'd better book soon.  Details are on the page to the left of this blog or on my official web site.

To get back to the reporter. She is also bringing a photographer, which is the worse part of the interview, it's always a dilemma knowing what to wear.  Whatever I choose, when I see the photo, I'm sure to wish I'd worn something else. 

After that it's catching up with e mails and some business matters before continuing with writing the current Inspector Andy Horton, then it's off to give a talk to a local group of mainly women (I think) about my marine mystery crime novels and thrillers. Hopefully I'll have some photographs from the event to post here tomorrow.

Now I must sign off because it will take me at last three hours to decide what to wear for this photo session, never mind trying to make something of my hair - I'm growing it and every woman reading this will know exactly what that means!


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