Had a lovely Christmas day and even managed to crack on with the Inspector Andy Horton novel.

OK, so I know it was Christmas Day and I was working but when you're doing something you love it isn't work it's fun and fulfilling, as I'm sure many of you reading this who enjoy their work know. 

Having spent my married life with a man who was first in the RAF as a policeman and then in the emergency services as a fireman I am used to Christmas being another working shift and have spent many a Christmas over the years on my own when Bob has been on duty, either working on my novels, spring cleaning the kitchen, sewing or doing something else constructive as well as occasionally popping down to the fire station when Bob has been working on Christmas Day. There has over the years been no real set pattern to my Christmas and that's what I enjoy.  Also having lost my dear father over Christmas six years ago tends to conjure up sad memories and makes me think of many people who are bereaved, in pain, or suffering in some way and those in poverty at a time when the world sees some gross excesses.

So yesterday I was happy to be with my husband, and to continue writing the next Andy Horton crime novel, which after this blog entry I will return to. First though it was a walk this morning around the Oyster Beds at the Nature Reserve on Hayling Island on a beautiful frosty Boxing Day.  Watch out for the Hayling Nature Reserve in the new DI Andy Horton, Footsteps on the Shore due to be published on 27 January 2011. 

Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas. Be back soon.


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