A question for fashion designers and historians - can you help with some research for the next Inspector Andy Horton crime novel?

Researching my novels is always a fascinating experience and I learn something new along the way. I'm currently writing the seventh in the series of Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novels and wondered if any fashion designers or fashion historians could help me out with a piece of research. Does anyone know of a dress designer in the late 1970s, designing floaty patterned dresses, which were sold in Bloomingdale's or any other top USA store or in their own designer store in New York in the late 1970s? I'm not going to say why I need it and spoil the plot of course. I've trawled the Internet and found a couple of top fashion designers from the seventies and one seems suitable: Thea Porter.

Thea Porter designed high waisted maxi dresses with voluminous sleeves and Gypsy dresses with full-flounced skirts and colorful patterned fabrics and she sold from her own store in New York.  So she seems just what I'm looking for. But if anyone knows of any other fashion designer who fits the bill do drop me a comment.


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