Had a day off from the computer and writing yesterday, OK so not a complete day

After bashing away at the keyboard over Christmas and the New Year I decided it was time to get out in the fresh air and exercise the legs instead of the fingers.  Yesterday my husband and I took off for the Isle of Wight where many of you know that a couple of my crime novels are set.

Blood on the Sand an Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, is set on the Island and yesterday my husband and I had a picnic lunch by Bembridge Lagoons where Andy meets up with Detective Superintendent Uckfield while investigating the murder of Owen Carlsson. The sun even came out for us at this beautiful spot while we ate a baguette lunch. ( Not so in the novel it's pouring with rain)

In For The Kill, one of my thrillers is also set on the Isle of Wight, around Bembridge and Brading, and the protagonist, Alex Albury, also travels to the mainland to Portsmouth and Petersfield and even to Guernsey to track down the man who framed him for fraud and embezzlement and destroyed his life.

We had a great day walking from Brading over Gander Down, up Culver Cliff, to Bembridge over St Helen's and on to Seaview and Ryde.  It did my sore computer eyes the power of good not to mention the legs!

The Yarborough Monument on the top of Culver Cliff - by the way that's not my husband in the photo

Now it's back to work and that computer keyboard.


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