It was a moving and fantastic sight watching HMS Manchester come home to Portsmouth for the final time yesterday

Returning to Portsmouth on the Hovercraft from a lovely long walk (11 miles) on the Isle of Wight yesterday I was privileged to see HMS Manchester come home for the final time after spending her last day at sea.

Photo supplied by The News, Portsmouth

It was very moving and sad to watch the Type 42 destroyer ending her 30-year career.  With her decommissioning pennant flying she was accompanied by two black and orange dockyard tugboats and two police launches with full water canons spraying. It was a fantastic sight on a calm blue Solent on a beautiful sunny day.  I was so dismayed not to have a camera to capture the moment but I stored away the picture of it in my mind for possible use in a DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel. 

Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent is such a vibrant place and provides me with great inspiration for my novels wherever I look.

I'm pleased that the families on board HMS Manchester for her last day, had such gorgeous weather.

You can read the whole story about HMS Manchester's homecoming on the following link.


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