Revising, revising and revising the next DI Andy Horton novel, number seven is nearly finished

I have spent most of the week working on revisions of the DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, number 7 seven in the series and today I will continue with it. I'm currently working on the last three chapters. Once this is done it will be back to the beginning again to ensure that the novel flows and all the clues are there, and they are if you look for them; it may be just a hint, a throw away line in a conversation, or something tucked in the middle of a list or in a dialogue, but clues and red herrings abound.

I'll also be re-examining the characters, perhaps adding a little more colour to them, now that I know their motivations so well, and then ensuring that the novel has pace and the sequence of events is accurate taking into account the quirks of the characters and Andy Horton's constant desire to go off on his own and solve crimes his way and not his boss's way.

There is a certain pleasure in going back over the novel, questioning each word and passage, checking that each chapter finishes on a hook compelling the reader to read a little bit more... and more... I'm enjoying the revisions. Then it will be off to my editor with fingers crossed that he likes it, while I start on DI Andy Horton crime novel number eight.

And do I have a title for this current Andy Horton crime novel number seven? Ah, you'll have to wait and see...


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