Spent the weekend working on the ending of the next DI Andy Horton crime novel and it's shaped up well

My silence on my social network sites, on Facebook and Twitter, over the weekend was because I was hard at work finishing the second draft of the new DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel. I was at that tricky stage right at the end when I had to finally decide who the killer was and why. I'm pleased to say that it all came together nicely and I am happy with the outcome.  That doesn't mean to say the novel is complete though. The next stage is working through it again, making sure that all the facts are correct, the red herrings and clues are in place and the unanswered questions answered. Then it's reviewing the structure and examining the use of words and phrases.

I also need to make sure that where Andy Horton leaves off in this novel in the search for the truth behind his mother's disappearance he can pick up in the next novel. And, yes, for those who ask, there is more on Andy's search for Jennifer Horton in this novel.


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