Do you have a writing routine?

There are a writers who write the same time every day come what may; others will write a certain number of words every day and say, 'when I've done my quota, I'll knock off writing.'  Me?  I have no routine and I don't count the number of words.  Some days the words will flow and I can spend up to eight hours, maybe more writing.  Other days I will struggle to find the correct words. If the latter happens I will usually pick up my knitting, do some sewing or go for a walk.  My mind is constantly working though, thinking through the plots or sub plots, developing characters. I do, however, try to write or 'think' my novels every day. And if I can, I usually work on my crime novels every late afternoon and early evening, knocking off about 7.30pm.

I'm currently working in pencil on my outline plot, working up ideas for the new DI Andy Horton, which will be number eight in the series. Then I'll start to put down some character sketches before starting on the first draft of what I call the creative writing bit which goes direct onto the computer.  When I will begin this creative writing stage I'm not quite sure yet, but it shouldn't be long because I like to start writing as soon as possible only then does the plot take on its own momentum but the characters also start to come alive.


D.J. Kirkby said…
I write between 5 and 7am each day because that is the only time I can fit it in between family time and full time work. I am quite envious that each day is free for you to spend doing writing related things for as long as you wish.

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