Farewell HRF Keating - Thanks for 'Writing Crime Fiction' Guide and so much more

I was sorry to learn about the death of the popular crime writer HRF Keating best known for the Inspector Ghote series who has passed away aged 84.

Many of Keating's crime novels featured his unassuming Indian policeman Inspector Ganesh Ghote. He also reviewed crime fiction for the Times from 1967 to 1983 and wrote the guide Writing Crime Fiction (1986) which was revised and re-published in 1994, a copy of which has sat proudly on my bookshelf for many years and has provided me with much valuable guidance. Crime writer, Ruth Rendell said of it 'a private godsend.'

Keating is survived by his wife, Sheila; his children, Simon, Piers, Hugo and Bryony; and nine grandchildren. My thoughts are with them.

Henry Reymond Fitzwalter Keating, writer and critic, born 31 October 1926; died 27 March 2011.


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