The next DI Andy Horton (number 7 in the series) is finished and has been sent to my publisher

Last night I finished the final edits on the DI Andy Horton crime novel, number seven in the series, and pressed the send button. Yes, it's whizzed its way to my editor and will pop into his e mail this morning. 

Looking back at my notes I see that it took me ten months to write.  I started it on 12 June 2010. I would like to have written it in nine months and my aim with the next DI Andy Horton (no.8) is to have it finished by Christmas, which gives me eight months.  I'm starting it today- in fact I've already started pulling together the outline. I like to set myself deadlines because I have always worked to deadlines and they're great for focusing the mind. Hopefully DI Andy Horton number seven won't require too much re-working, if any, apart from checking copy edits and proofs - fingers crossed, but I'm glad now to have another eye cast over it because after living with it for ten months it's very difficult to be objective and spot the gaps.  By now I could practically recite the novel backwards.

And the title of the next DI Andy Horton?  Ah, I'll announce that tomorrow and give you the blurb.


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