Crimefest 2011 in Pictures - Part One - My panel appearance with fellow crime writers, readers and Cary Grant

I'm back from having a great time at Crimefest 2011. I was only there for Friday 20 May, (Crimefest ran from 19 May to 22 May 2011). It is a convention held annually in the Royal Marriott Hotel, Bristol for crime fiction fans the world over, organised by Adrian Muller and Myles Allfrey.

I was delighted to meet fans of my DI Horton crime novels and my thrillers from the USA, Australia and the UK.  It was also a pleasure to meet up with my fellow crime writers and my publisher.  I thought I'd post some photographs here of the highlights of my day (and evening) spent at Crimfest 2011. This is part one, more photos to follow over the next two days.

After arriving in Bristol at 7.15 am after a very early start from the south coast of England, I was in good time to meet up with my fellow panel members for our panel event, the first one on the programme for that day at 9am on 20 May called Operation Petticoat: Jobs For The Girls. I discovered that the title of all the programme events were named after some of Cary Grant's films, who, as Archibald Alexander Leach, hailed from Bristol. Cary Grant is one of my all time favourite stars and shares space on my office wall above my desk with Harrison Ford, Roger Moore and Humphrey Bogart. So while in Bristol I just had to say 'hello' to Cary.

He was just over six feet and I am just over five feet, so a pretty life sized statute, eh?

My fellow panelists were crime authors Linda Regan, Leigh Russell, Aline Templeton with the participating moderator: Ruth Dudley Edwards who did a fantastic job of keeping us all in check. We discussed many aspects of crime fiction, crime writing and our characters and the audience asked lots of great questions.

From left to right: Ruth Dudley-Edwards, Leigh Russell, Pauline Rowson, Linda Regan and Aline Templeton

Pauline Rowson in full flow answering a question from the audience

The audience at our panel: Operation Petticoat

Delighted to meet DI Andy Horton fan, Stella Heyl from Connecticut USA 
Also bumped into fellow crime author, Matt Hilton while having a coffee
Kate Lyall Grant from my publisher, Severn House, with authors Linda Regan and Pauline Rowson after the panel event

Part two photos from Crimefest to follow tomorrow.


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