A visit by the Queen on Wednesday and now the USS George H. W. Bush will be anchored in The Solent today - Great stuff for my DI Andy Horton novels

On Wednesday when I was at Portsmouth Harbour I wondered why the police launch was hovering at the entrance and then standing by off a massive luxury yacht moored up at Gunwharf Quays (called Oyster Quays in the DI Andy Horton novels).  Then I read yesterday it was because Her Majesty The Queen had decided to drop by and pay the owner of the luxury yacht moored there a visit.  She came by helicopter and had lunch on board and no one knew about it!  Now if I wrote that into one of my crime novels, which are set in Portsmouth and the Solent area, everyone would say it was too far-fetched! 

To add to that I learnt yesterday that the world’s newest and most powerful warship, the United States Navy’s USS George H. W. Bush,will be anchored in The Solent today after playing war games with the Royal Navy. What an amazing area I live in and what superb inspiration for my crime series set here.  

The USS George H. W. Bush courtesy of the Isle of Wight County Press
It's also a little eerie because in A Killing Coast, the seventh in the DI Horton series, which I have just finished writing and which, I believe, is to be published in January 2012, not only do I have a luxury yacht moored up at Oyster Quays, but I also have the visit of an American warship, in this case the submarine the USS Boise. Fiction is indeed becoming fact! All I need to do now is to give the Queen a cameo role and, of course,  President Obama. Do you think they'll oblige and will drop by and meet Andy Horton and the team?

If you want to see the United States Navy’s USS George H. W. Bush she is moored off Stokes Bay, Gosport where she will be until Tuesday 31 May sailing at 10am.

Exercise Saxon Warrior is one of the largest war games hosted by the Royal Navy in British waters in recent years with other NATO forces, plus RAF and British Army units. Two other foreign vessels from the exercise — the destroyer USS Truxtun and the Spanish frigate ESPS Almirante Juan de Borbon — will spend the weekend in Portsmouth Naval Base.

Lots of ideas there for a DI Horton crime novel.  So much happening and such great inspiration.


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