What to do on a Bank Holiday? Lots of writing, of course!

Well that's my answer and, OK, some people will think I'm very sad, while others will accuse me of being a workaholic, but for me Bank Holidays have always been a time when I don't venture far not being a great lover of crowds or shopping.  So while others are enjoying a day spent relaxing in the garden or in front of the television (although there's no excuse today without the Royal Wedding to watch but no doubt telly addicts will find something to keep them glued to the screen) I will be busy working on the DI Andy Horton crime novel, number eight, in the series. 

I have written the first two chapters and am half way through the third but there is a great deal more research to undertake yet including location research, which I will do when everyone has gone back to school and work and the streets of Portsmouth, where this novel, like most of the others are set ( DI Andy Horton's patch) are relatively quiet.  I also need to work on plot and character development and I will do that over the next few weeks and month. I was keen to start the novel, to get something on the computer and now I can begin to develop what I have started, the spark of several ideas and the beginnings of a few characters additional to the usual CID and Major Crime Team of course.

But if you're concerned that I will spend the entire day closeted inside the house, do not fret, a brisk walk around the harbour early before the hordes come out will do very nicely thanks and will no doubt provide me with even more inspiration.


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