Developing plots, characters and dialogue tomorrow at the Crime Fiction Writing Workshop

I've been preparing for the Crime Fiction Writing Workshop which I am running tomorrow (Saturday) at the Quay Arts Centre, on the Isle of Wight. I have run a few writing workshops in the past and before becoming a professional full-time writer I used to run heaps of training courses into organisations delivering courses on  marketing, sales, motivation, assertiveness and understanding and relating to different personalities. 

Nowadays most of my appearances involve giving talks and interviews about my DI Andy Horton crime novels and my thrillers, and my life as a crime writer rather than running in depth workshops, so it makes a nice change to be back in front of the class, so to speak. I'm also very pleased to be helping budding crime writers and hope that some of the tips I pass on will help them with their writing and who knows, maybe to get published.

The sort of thing I'll be examining with the delegates on the crime writing workshop will include:

  • Ideas, themes, plots, and subplots
  • Developing plot lines
  • The seven steps to creating and developing characters
  • Dialogue
  • Mastering viewpoint
  • Revising and editing

Plus lots of handouts and discussions in between. It runs from 10am to 4pm. Looking forward to it.

Writing Compelling Crime Fiction Workshop


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