The Isle of Wight Festival another fine idea to add to the DI Andy Horton crime novel I'm currently writing

The DI Andy Horton crime novel I'm currently writing, which is number eight in the marine mystery police procedural series, opens on 8 June, and I was struck by an idea while returning to the mainland from the Isle of Wight yesterday and seeing the hordes of people crossing for the tenth Isle of Wight Festival. I knew that I just had to put the Isle of Wight Festival in the novel somewhere and I know exactly where and how.

Slipping off the Wightlink Ferry yesterday afternoon I saw the police operation in Portsmouth and in previous years I've seen it on both sides of the Solent, including the dogs in action, sniffing out drugs. Up to 75,000 people are descending on Seaclose Park on Isle of Wight for a weekend of fun, friendship and music and hopefully nothing else.  It kicks off proper today with fine weather forecast until Sunday when heavy rain is expected, which is a pity because it has hardly rained since the beginning of April.

There is a 24-hour police campsite office next to the event security office on the 'white one’ campsite and the police policy is to avoid being obtrusive and confrontational.  I guess there will be lots of undercover cops there.  I've a good mind to put Hans Olewbo of the drug squad in ( Footsteps on the Shore)  And Andy Horton?  No, he's busy elsewhere... But who knows... Must get back to writing, so many ideas racing through my mind.


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