An earthquake in DI Horton Marine Mystery Country? I never felt a thing

Earthquakes, I am pleased to say, are rare occurrences in the UK, but apparently there was one yesterday and in the area where I happened to be, the Isle of Wight, and I never felt a thing.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.9 on the Richter Scale struck in the middle of the English Channel on Thursday morning 60km south east of the Isle of Wight at about 7.59am, the time I was walking on the golden sands on a glorious sunny morning on Whitecliff Bay beach.

According to reports, the British Geological Survey said the quake had a depth of 10km and its epicentre was around 60km south of the Isle of Wight. The British Geological Survey received at least ten reports from people on the Isle of Wight who felt the tremors: breakfast dishes rattled, computer monitors vibrated and windows shook but the earth never moved for me.

More information is available at where anyone who felt the tremor can fill in details on-line.

Of course now I am wondering if I can bring this event into a DI Andy Horton crime novel. I'm sure I'll think of some interesting angle, given time.

DI Horton Marine Mystery Country - sailing into Portsmouth Harbour UK


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