I'm back on the telly again! No, that was a posting four years ago-An interview with crime author Pauline Rowson on Legal TV

I've been looking back through my blog posts and wondered what I had written on this day 19 July 2007. Well here is my entry but don't worry if you never read it (who would remember it anyway?) because I still had it in draft, the post never went live. I wonder why? So I thought I'd correct that four years later.

19 July 2007

"Flicked over to Legal TV yesterday (yes it was on the air then) and hey presto there I was talking about my forthcoming marine mystery, Deadly Waters, which will be released in hardback on 27 September 2007. And if you missed it on the box, then here's another chance to see me in action."

You can also view this video, and many more interviews on my You Tube Channel or on my web site.

Deadly Waters is the second in the DI Andy Horton series and has been published in trade paperback, mass market paperback, large print, as an unabridged audio book and e book and is also available on Kindle.

Since those day DI Horton has gone from strength to strength with six now in the series and number seven planned for publication in 2012.

I've also grown my hair longer since this interview and grown older, but DI Horton hasn't. He's still as hunky and gorgeous as ever! 


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