How popular will the new Kindle networking site on Amazon be where users can discuss and share notes on e books - I wonder? has launched a social networking site for Kindle users to discuss and share notes on e-books. The site, called, allows users to set up profile pages, make notes on the e-books they read and share them with other users, as well as “follow” other readers. It also calculates the percentage of how near others users’ reading tastes are to your own, based on the books they have said they read and allows users to review books, post their reading activities and share highlighted passages.

With one of my DI Horton marine mystery crime novels and a thriller novel on a special price promotion on both and I'm wondering whether anyone will get to discuss and share notes on these, or any of my books available on Kindle.  The ones on promotion are the DI Horton crime novel, The Suffocating Sea, the third in the DI Andy Horton series, and In Cold Daylight, one of my stand alone thrillers. They are currently available on Kindle at the special price of 99p on Amazon UK and at $1.63 on

Reviews on Amazon are always a curious thing, they veer from the fantastic to the dreadful, with not much in between and no doubt that will be the case with the Kindle reviews. It will be interesting though to see how this new initiative from Amazon Kindle develops.


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