Love Libraries Day Saturday 4 February 2012 - I'll be there and organising a special event, more news to follow

I'm a great supporter of libraries and I owe them a debt of gratitude because if it hadn't been for my local library in Portsmouth as a child  I doubt I would ever have discovered a life long passion for reading and for writing.  So I was particularly pleased to learn that  the UK’s biggest celebration of libraries, librarians and reading is to take place on 4 February 2012.

Love Libraries Day - a national celebration of libraries, librarians and the importance of reading - will take place on Saturday 4 February 2012 and I have something special lined up with Portsmouth Library for that day, but more about that to follow later.

During the week before Love Libraries Day events and activities will take place in a variety of libraries including in schools, colleges, universities and public libraries.

Children’s author and libraries campaigner Alan Gibbons originally called for a national day to celebrate libraries. He said: "Love Libraries Day will be a celebration of libraries and librarians. We want to make Saturday, 4th February a day when families and communities flock to their local library, to use it, join it, love it. There will be story-telling, author events and celebrity visits. There will be a library membership drive. Finally, some areas will stage “libraries out late” with extended opening hours.

This will be a positive affirmation of the value of libraries and librarians, which is badly needed in a time when our libraries are being threatened with closures.

A website is due to be launched in September 2011 and I'll post details here when I have them.  Many organisations are supporting the event including two which I belong to The Society of Authors and the Crime Writers' Association.

As well as an event in Portsmouth I hope to be participating in other events around Hampshire and Isle of Wight. and even around the country, not just for Love Libraries Day or the week but during the year.


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