Police yacht 'loitering with intent' rescued in Solent - now this would NEVER happen to DI Andy Horton

The crew of a yacht belonging to the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club, was stranded on a gravel bank on Saturday afternoon and had to receive a helping hand from the RNLI Cowes lifeboat crew. Now this would never happen to DI Andy Horton, the hero in my series of marine mystery crime novels. He is, of course, an expert sailor, and lives on his yacht in Southsea Marina.  He can regularly be seen in the Solent but more frequently with the marine support unit on board the police launch with Sergeant Elkins and PC Ripley.

The 36ft police yacht The Blue Spirit of Broadway went aground at the mouth of Beaulieu River, with five men on board, while on passage from Beaulieu to the River Medina. The wonderful Solent Coastguards, Cowes lifeboat, the Atlantic 85 Tabby Cat, came to its aid and pulled it free, enabling it to continue on to a river mooring at The Folly.

Picture courtesy of RNLI Cowes

I think this might make an interesting sub plot or background in a future Horton crime novel, I'm already toying with the idea of who might actually be on this yacht and what might happen - I know, can't take me anywhere, but with so much happening around the Solent, and particularly at this time of year, I am never short of ideas.  Only wish I could write faster!

Police yacht rescued:


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